Beyond the Walls -- Adventures in the Galaxy

"Waldo Beyond the Walls - Adventures in the Galaxy" characters.

Original art and designs for the Beyond the Walls books, clothes, and movies.

Are you ready for an adventure like no other? Introducing the universe of Waldo Beyond The Walls!

Meet the mastermind behind it all, Bill Shook - a renowned designer and writer who has been shaking up the fashion and fantasy worlds for over four decades. His iconic jewelry and art designs can be found in stores everywhere, and now he's bringing his talents to the world of graphic novels.

In the 1980s, Bill created a beloved newspaper comic strip featuring the characters that now grace the pages of his graphic novel. With vibrant colors and rich backgrounds, these characters have come to life like never before. And it doesn't stop there, as these characters are set to star in an upcoming movie, with original songs written just for the film.

But that's not all - these beloved characters have also inspired a line of clothing, and Bill is now working on the exciting new frontier of the Waldo Metaverse, NFTs, and games. So get ready to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and adventure like you've never seen before - the universe of Waldo Beyond The Walls is waiting for you!
All designs are based on Waldo characters
Waldo Beyond the Walls -- Adventures in the Galaxy, NFTs