Men jacket skull nugget head gold original design Borden 

 Skull T-Shirt 

 Men T-Shirt long sleeve gold nugget original design Borden 

Borden is one of the most influential designers in the United States, creating new trends in the fashion industry. 

Borden designs have influenced the American jewelry and fashion industry for more than forty years. Borden started training as a jewelry designer in Beverly Hills at eleven years old. He has a background in art, international culture, and has traveled around the world. 

Many stores sell items made from BORDEN original jewelry designs: 



 Borden Shook with his new ruby ring design

Borden creates designs from a deep understanding of the energy and power and life in the gems, metals, and fabrics that he uses. He believes that shapes, minerals, fabrics and metals have unique energy fields that can both inspire and empower the wearer. He is a second generation fine jewelry and fashion designer. His father made jewelry for US Presidents and business leaders.

Borden always makes his creations look alive, with energy and feeling, and often uses ideas from plants, flowers, rocks, animals, philosophy, culture, and symbols.

Borden was the designer that created the original Nugget Style Jewelry that has become one of the most influential designs in the past 40 years. Millions of products made from his designs have been sold in most all jewelry stores throughout the US and in other countries. The design has been made into hundreds of styles of jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets.


Gold Nugget Ring

Gold Nugget Ring originally designed by Borden


Gold Nugget Bracelet

Gold Nugget bracelet based on original designs by Borden   


BORDEN has created a clothing and accessories line based on the same principals as the jewelry he designed, that has become one of the most recognizable jewelry styles in the world. 

Here is an example of how BORDEN gets his inspiration for new fashion designs:  https://youtu.be/9k1_ywU9id4  (click on photo below)



All designs by Borden Shook are copyrighted. All rights reserved.
BORDEN FASHION and Nugget Head are trademarks of Borden Shook.


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Here, below, are some celebrities that have purchased products designed by BORDEN.


   Charles Simmons